The O’MaMa Story

Gilles Gascon's mother saw that her son, the youngest of ten children, had an interest in cooking and often asked for some kind of sauce to go with his food. “Come, we’re going to practice sauces today,” said Mrs. Simone Gascon, Gilles's mom, and that’s how “MaMa” slowly introduced Gilles to the kitchen at a very young age.

The Gascon family table often sat twenty or more. His parents were the type to bring people together and there was always food for everyone. Being with their children was always top priority.

Very early, Mr. Gascon learned to make all sorts of recipes and dressings. Over time, he perfected some of them and dreamt of taking them to market so that everyone could taste these dressings that were such a hit with his friends and family.

With determination and perseverance he balanced the taste of his dressings and the opportunity to breathe life into his project presented itself after twenty years. It only took a friend asking “what is your biggest dream?'' to which Gilles replied that he would like everyone to taste his dressings. The friend stepped in with a hand and here is Gilles bringing his dream to life for real.

Now, with the help of his wife, the dream and the project have sprung to life with the construction of a food processing plant in Gatineau that produces O'MaMa dips, dressings, sauces and marinades.

Although MaMa is no longer with us, what she did lives on through O’MaMa dressing, a company so aptly named as an expression of gratitude and respect for MaMa - you will always be at our table.

Bon appetit!